Have you ever thought about DESIGNING A GAME? Even if you never thought about designing a game, you are looking at this website and thinking, “I’m curious! I got this! I can totally do it!” And to add some icing to the cake, you can actually build something that has positive social impact. Oh, yeah, and there are prizes! And free food! And the event itself is free!

What the heck is a game jam?

According to Wikipedia, a game jam is a gathering of people for the purpose of planning, designing, and creating one or more games within a short span of time, usually ranging between 24 and 72 hours. Participants are generally made up of programmers, game designers, artists, writers, and others in game development-related fields.

When is it?

  • November 8, 2019.  6PM – 10PM. Orientation, team registration, keynote, talking to people, food, etc…
  • November 9, 2019 – 9 AM through November 10, 1 PM – Game Jam
  • November 15, 2019. 5PM – 7PM. Awards Ceremony

Where is it?

University of Pittsburgh School of Computing and Information
135 North Bellefield Avenue, 3rd Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Who can participate?

Games4SocialImpact is open to any university student 18 years of age or older. You DO NOT need to be a programmer to participate – we need artists, storytellers, sociologists, psychologists, historians, political scientists, and pretty much anyone who likes games. And, of course, programmers

Game Submissions

All games must be submitted via Games4SocialImpact DevPost site at 1pm on Sunday, November 10th.

Game Ideas

You can design any style of game, including card, tabletop, live role playing (LARP), alternate reality (ARG), mobile, desktop, AR, VR, XR, and any other acronym that tickles your fancy.

Here are some game ideas just to get your creative juices flowing:

  • A game to help kids learn how to deal with cyberbullying
  • A game to help parents to communicate with an autistic child
  • A game to help preserve disappearing languages
  • An app that could turn food rescue and delivery into a game
  • An empathy building experience to raise awareness of human trafficking
  • A card game to help children learn about nutritional choices